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Ratiocination in Islamic Legal Theory

Ratiocination looks deep into the intended causation of Islamic law. In the process, it intensifies the position of syllogism and rationality in Islam.
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Finding the Causation (Ta’lil) of Islamic Law

Contrary to the belief of many, Islamic law has been very coherent, systematic and logical. All of these stems essentially from the rationality component of Islamic legal theory. The core foundation of Islamic legal theory is the concept and practice of ratiocination.

Ratiocination (ta’lil) always seek to discover and uphold the valid and correct cause or basis of the revealed law to be further extended to a new case when both share the same basis of law (‘illah).

In the process, Islamic law algorithm is being compared to the Common Law and Civil Law systems respectively from rationality viewpoint. Find out more about both the similarities and distinguishing points between these three major legal systems of the world.